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Risk Assessment

Perfect cybersecurity is a goal that is very costly, if not impossible to achieve.  Have you identified and developed a plan to reduce your cyber risk to a level consistent and integrated with your organization's overall risk program?  We specialize in conducting cybersecurity risk assessments and developing cyber risk management programs.  We look forward to helping you build a plan to focus your resources to maximize reduction of cyber risk.


Without a well developed governance program a cybersecurity program tends to be unfocused, inefficient, and ineffective.  Governance doesn't have to be lengthy or complex to be effective but it does need to be developed with your specific business objectives and technology in mind.  Aurora can help you craft a governance program that provides clear, concise guidance for your cybersecurity program. 


A cyber aware workforce can be an organization's most effective defense against cyber attack.  Conversely, a workforce unaware of simple social engineering tactics such as phishing could easily open your otherwise secure network to hackers.  We can build an awareness program perfectly suited to your organization's needs.

CISO as a Service

Perhaps your organization doesn't have the resources to support, or doesn't require, a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). You may not even have a full time cybersecurity staff.  Aurora can provide you with "CISO as a Service" to help you plan, implement, and manage elements of your cybersecurity program.  This service is structured specifically for your organization and is flexible as needs and budget allow.